This is a `/now` page. Inspired by Derek Sivers — The /now page movement. Basically these explains about what I'm doing right now.

Last Update:


My full time work. LEMOON is the Influencer Marketing Platform in Indonesia. This project is still take a long time to finish. We will focus on modules like reporting, analytics, and payment. Campaign is not so smooth yet but will be improved later.


Yep. This April I’m going to marry. Still need some preparation fixed with vendor. Most of them are on payment phase. So just double checking on what we planned and controlling our budget.

I have setup a new landing page for my Wedding Invitation (Still WIP).

Side Project

No updates so far. This year alone I already launch around 2 open source projects. imsus/hugo-mix-tailwind and @imsus/tailwind-plugin-font-inter.

Since Github now have unlimited private repo. I may migrate my personal projects from Gitlab to Github.

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