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Imam Susanto

Full Stack Web Developer

Full Stack web developer specialized in creating media websites, landing pages, small webapps, and blog.
Working Experience
PT Media Makmur
2014 — present
  • C Channel Indonesia (Full Stack)2017
  • KBJ Mobile Web (Full Stack)2016
  • KBJ Present Campaign (Full Stack)2015 — present
  • KBJ Website (Front End)2014
UI/UX Design
  • Prototype using Sketch
  • In Browser Prototype
  • Creating Simple Design System
Front End
  • Advanced HTML & CSS
  • Javascript Framework using VueJS
  • AMP Development
  • PWA Development
  • Build System using Webpack
  • SERP Optimization
Back End
  • Rest API Development
  • MVC Framework using Laravel
  • Database design using MySQL
  • DigitalOcean / AWS Administration
  • Basic skill in securing server
  • Automating push to deploy